Queen Zixi Of Ix

Queen Zixi Of Ix

By L. Frank Baum

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This is the illustrated edition including all the beautiful drawings by Frederick Richardson. This is the story of a magic cloak, woven by the fairies in an hour of boredom, that will fulfill one wish for each wearer. It is given to a little girl who declares herself to be "the most unhappy person in all the world". Her brother is soon afterwards proclaimed King of Noland, and Queen Zixi of the neighboring kingdom of Ix hears about the cloak. She sets out to steal it from its owner, not knowing that it loses its magic powers when stolen. The cloak passes through many hands and fulfills many wishes before it is cut up by an old woman for her crazy quilt. It is finally reclaimed by the fairy queen, without Zixi ever having her wish granted.

L. Frank Baum