The Life And Adventures Of Santa Claus

The Life And Adventures Of Santa Claus

By L. Frank Baum

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This is the illustrated edition including all the beautiful drawings by Mary Cowles Clark. In this story, we learn how the infant Santa Claus, abandoned in a forest, was rescued by Ak, the Master Woodman, and was adopted and cared for by a lovely wood-nymph. As he grew older, his kind and friendly nature, and his skill in making toys (did you know that Santa Claus made the first toy?) caused him to be loved by all the children in the nearby villages. He soon began to make longer trips to distribute the many play-things that he had so cleverly fashioned, and finally he was given permission to borrow up to ten deer once a year, on Christmas Eve, to lend speed to his journeys, so that it might be possible for every child on earth to have a toy. So the fame of Santa Claus spread, and after many years, when his life seemed drawing to a close, the Immortals of the world voted to bestow upon him the Mantle of Immortality.

L. Frank Baum