Dot And Tot Of Merryland

Dot And Tot Of Merryland

By L. Frank Baum

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This is the illustrated edition including all the beautiful drawings by William Wallace Denslow. The little boat in which Dot and Tot are picnicking floats away through a tunnel and into the magic Kingdom of Merryland, which is divided into seven valleys, each populated by a very unusual group of inhabitants. The first valley is occupied by a race of clowns; the second is a candy country where the people are made of marshmallow, chocolate and other sweets; the third is the home of unborn babies and the storks who deliver them to earth. In the fourth valley, all the people are dolls, and here lives the Queen of Merryland, a large and beautiful wax doll. Next comes a valley of cats. In the sixth valley lives a highly animated group of toys. The last, the Valley of Lost Things, is entirely "covered with thousands and thousands of pins", and very well supplied with buttons, thimbles and hair pins. Dot and Tot visit each of these places in turn and arrive home again after having received the titles of Prince and Princess of Merryland.

L. Frank Baum