The Secret of the Garden

The Secret of the Garden

By Arthur Gask

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A wanted jail-breaking fugitive is on the run from the law-agencies. Accused of bank embezzlement and now a liability, our hero gets sucked in a gripping cat-and-mouse chase that will immediately draw you in as well. Excerpt: "It was the old fool of a judge himself who turned all my thoughts to bitterness. I know quite well I lost my temper, but he ought to have made allowances for that. I was under the terrible disappointment of being found guilty when I fully expected I should have got off. I was worn out with anxiety, and furious, because I didn't consider I had had a fair trial. Everything and everybody had been against me, and I don't wonder I hit out. I know I threatened, and said personal things about the judge that made the court laugh, but the judge ought to have been above petty spite and have taken no notice of my outburst at all. Instead everyone could see he was annoyed, and he just snapped out, 'Five years!' Five years! What a monstrous sentence! The whole court seemed to gasp, and even the beast, Drivel Jones, I saw, lifted his eyebrows in surprise. No wonder I shouted and raved, but I only got handcuffed and dragged away roughly for my pains…"

Arthur Gask

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  • December 29, 2019
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