Murder in the Night (Musaicum Vintage Mysteries)

Murder in the Night (Musaicum Vintage Mysteries)

By Arthur Gask

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Peter Wacks was an unimpressive and weak man until he came across a mysterious "red paste." Suddenly, from a harmless being, he turned into a ruthless and cold-blooded killer! Like Jekyll and Hyde, he goes on a murder rampage in the night and during daytime becomes a detective to find the so-called murderer. Will Peter be able to outwit himself and stop his descent into chaos and madness? Or will he succumb under his negative self? Excerpt: "I shall never know what dreadful impulse compels me to write it all down. My life is so many, many times forfeit to the State that were my hideous secret to become known, even now, after all these years, within an hour infuriated crowds would gather at my gate and I should be torn limb from limb without the slightest hope of mercy or reprieve. I shall never be forgiven. My crimes were too brutal. I spared neither young nor old, and every deed of violence that could bring pain and horror it was fiendish joy to do..."

Arthur Gask