Raymond Chandler – Ultimate Mystery Collection

Raymond Chandler – Ultimate Mystery Collection

By Raymond Chandler

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Raymond Chandler's "Ultimate Mystery Collection" brings together the masterpieces of the hardboiled detective fiction genre. As a pioneer of the genre, Chandler's writing is synonymous with the gritty world of private detectives, and his iconic character, Philip Marlowe, is at the forefront of this collection. In the gripping tales of mystery and intrigue, Chandler weaves a narrative that captures the essence of noir fiction. This anthology includes Chandler's detective novels, featuring the sharp-witted and tough Philip Marlowe. From the iconic "The Big Sleep" to the classic "Farewell, My Lovely," readers are immersed in the gritty underbelly of crime and corruption. The collection delves into the complexities of Marlowe's character, revealing a detective who navigates the dark and treacherous paths of a morally ambiguous world. In addition to the novels, this anthology also contains Chandler's detective stories, showcasing his exceptional storytelling and keen understanding of the human psyche. Contents: The Big Sleep Farewell, My Lovely The High Window The Lady in the Lake The Little Sister The Long Good-bye Playback Trouble Is My Business – Detective Stories: Trouble Is My Business Finger Man Goldfish Red Wind Detective Stories: Spanish Blood I'll Be Waiting The King in Yellow Pearls Are a Nuisance Pickup on Noon Street Smart-Aleck Kill Guns at Cyrano's Nevada Gas

Raymond Chandler