Medicine and Other Topics

Medicine and Other Topics

By Alistair Tulloch

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Medicine and Other Topics is the story of Scottish-born GP AJ Tulloch, from his two-year RAF National Service in the 1950s, which took him to Egypt, through to his becoming a partner in a practice in Bicester, Oxfordshire. Along the way, we learn of his interest in Structured Records Systems, Geriatrics and Obstetrics. A mix of political and social commentary from a retired doctor, steeped in the traditions of the National Health Service, this book comes at a time when the issues discussed could not be more relevant. NHS underfunding, tax-cuts for the rich and Brexit, have contributed to the crisis in health that Britons today face, in Dr. Tulloch's opinion. Dr. Tulloch offers a personal, vivid, warm-hearted autobiography, coupled with an examination of life in Britain, past and present.

Alistair Tulloch