Training Your Dog for the Cargo Bike

Training Your Dog for the Cargo Bike

By Janan Jarl

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The book "With the Dog in the Cargo Bike" by Ranan Jarl shows how to ride a cargo bike with your dog stress-free, even if not every dog is immediately enthusiastic about this type of travel. Ranan Jarl provides valuable tips and advice on how to gradually acclimate your dog to riding in a cargo bike and what special things to consider to ensure a safe and enjoyable bike tour. Additionally, there are many tips on choosing the appropriate cargo bike and interesting web links.

Janan Jarl

Ranan Jarl is an animal lover from Denmark who grew up with dogs from an early age. After several years of traveling, he eventually settled in Germany, where he studied and continues to work regularly with animal shelters and rescue organizations to help animals in need. His love for nature and animals is reflected in his commitment to the protection of dogs. Ranan advocates for species-appropriate animal husbandry and regular training and believes that the education of a dog should only be carried out through positive reinforcement.