Unfolding Grace

Unfolding Grace

By Christopher Murphy

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Roar Moerk is on the nefarious path – a deceitful entrepreneur, drinker and adulterer. He collapses in the early hours of New Year's Day 2000, with near fatal consequences, warily his partner, Elisabeth, stays to aid him through his trauma. As he recovers, Roar 'dreams' it is the 1st January 1900, and he is Grace Lightfoot - housekeeper to industrialist George Darcaster, who violently rapes her ultimately sending her to a back-street abortionist. Richard Billings, a wise bookseller, comes to her deliverance in more ways than one. As Grace changes and her life evolves, Roar's self-fuelled illusions gradually fall away and he also embarks on a new path in life. Unfolding Grace follows the lives of Grace and Roar to explore the true meaning of life and uncover humankind's damaging illusions.

Christopher Murphy