The Little Turtle Lina

The Little Turtle Lina

By Konrad Welzel

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It's the little turtle Lina's birthday. But when Lina wakes up, she doesn't get a big birthday cake and presents. This year her parents prepared something very special: A scavenger hunt with a big surprise present at the end of the little trip. A journey that takes the turtle Lina to meet some of her friends and other animals. The many small tasks on the various stages invite you to participate. And the large hand-drawn pictures offer lots of search and discovery fun for young and old. All in all, a perfect mix of read-aloud book, picture book and puzzle fun for children.

Konrad Welzel

Konrad Welzel ist 1985 im oberfränkischen Marktredwitz geboren und schreibt gerne. Unter anderem schreibt er auch Kinderbücher. Für seine Töchter Lina und Maila hat er eigene Geschichten erfunden: "Die kleine Schildkröte Lina" und "Die kleine Ballerina Maila".