GOLGOTHA — Friday, 27 April, 31 A.D.

GOLGOTHA — Friday, 27 April, 31 A.D.

By Doru-Petru Dugan

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The purpose of this monograph is to establish the true date of Christ' s Crucifixion from the Old and New Testaments, based on Daniel's Seventy-Week Prophecy ( Daniel 9:24-27), and in the light of the historical and the existing archaeological evidence. Numerous authors have written books and articles on this subject, but the present study is self-contained inasmuch as it neither imitates nor complements such studies, but rather goes beyond them to provide a sui generis and exhaustive analysis. The book is primarily aimed at those working in the fields of theology, biblical chronology, history, archaeology, ancient astronomy, and patristics, be they scholars, pastors, teachers, or students, and secondly at Christians in general who, though they might not possess specialist knowledge, wish to receive the word of God in the spirit of humility and godliness practised in apostolic Christianity.

Doru-Petru Dugan