By Emre ?entürk

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How does the ideal state look like? It reaches beyond the considerations of power and wealth. More than that, it creates a society in which every citizen can strive to realise her full potential. The ideal state is a devletist state! In this treatise, a novel approach to politics is established. Devlet is not a whiny critique of past and contemporary systems but a constructive and innovative approach to rethink politics and society. Therefore, it is a must-read for everyone. For politicians, Devlet can be read as a guide. For political scientists, Devlet serves as a gate to new ways of political thinking. For the layman, Devlet is a call to action.

Emre ?entürk

Emre ?entürk, born in 1995, is the founder and main author of Essydo Magazine, an online magazine for political and societal analysis. Founded in 2020, Emre has published numerous articles under Essydo Magazine, which has readers in over 70 countries. He has an undergraduate degree in International Relations as well as a graduate degree in Public Management & Leadership. Further, Emre is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Political Economy next to his professional career as a manager in a financial analytics company. Building on his comprehensive experiences with political, economic and societal topics, Emre published his first political treatise, called "Devlet", in autumn 2022.