Assassin's Promise

Assassin's Promise

The Severed Empire

By Phillip Tomasso

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When Blodwyn was a young boy, the King's Watch combed the lands in search of wizards, witches and anyone else practicing magic. When they stormed his house, it was Blodwyn's father they wanted. The self-taught alchemist was a lawbreaker in the eyes of the king, and the penalty for his art was death. Left an orphan, Blodwyn's plan is simple: learn everything he could about killing and track down the Watch. Bent on revenge, he befriends the dangerous assassin Rasheed, but soon finds himself in the middle of more than he could have anticipated. With the anger that once fueled his drive slowly diminishing, Blodwyn works his way towards the King's Watch and his revenge - and faces a decision that changes his life forever.

Phillip Tomasso