The Big Nuri Sardine Cookbook

The Big Nuri Sardine Cookbook

By Jakob Glatz (Editor)

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These sardines are iconic! They are freshly caught in the Atlantic off the coast of Porto every morning. After being treated with lots of love and processed entirely manually, they find their way into smart yellow tins before the day is out. This guarantees the unique quality and outstanding taste of these legendary fish. This is a book full of stories about and recipes for these silvery ocean inhabitants. The picturesque port of Matosinhos and the impressive architecture of the Nuri factory are lovingly presented via descriptions and pictures. Diverse and sophisticated recipes deliver the taste of the sea directly onto our plates. Pasteis de sardinhas, pao de frigideira with sardines and salsa, fish soup with sauce rouille and pizza de batata … Enjoy trying out all the recipe ideas!

Jakob Glatz