The Behavioral Sciences and Health Care

The Behavioral Sciences and Health Care

By John E. Carr (Editor), Julia B. Frank (Editor), João V. Nunes (Editor), Olle Jane Z. Sahler (Editor)

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Behavioral sciences for the next generation of health care providers – including practical features such as chapter review questions and an annotated practice exam. The fourth edition of The Behavioral Sciences and Health Care is an invaluable resource for those educating the next generation of physicians and other health care providers. This easy-to-use text presents succinct information about a wide variety of neurological, social, and psychological sciences from a unified perspective of the complex evolutionary processes of gene–individual–environmental interaction, breathing new life into the biopsychosocial model so essential to understanding human behavior. The book is organized in sections covering Regulatory Systems, Basic and Higher Order Homeostatic Systems, Development Through the Life Cycle, Social and Cultural Issues, Societal and Behavioral Health Challenges, The Health Care System, Policy, and Economics; The Clinical Relationship; and Psychopathology. In this edition,numerous chapters have been extensively revised to include the most up-to-date information and to integrate the DSM-5 classification. A new chapter deals with pain and a new appendix on psychological testing has been added. Each chapter begins with guidance questions and ends with current recommended readings, resources, and review questions. A complete 335 question-and-answer multiple choice USMLE-type exam section not only allows readers to assess how well they have learned the material, but also highlights important points and adds additional specific information to supplement the text. This text is particularly suited for use in systems-based and casebased curricula that can be used creatively in flipped classrooms and other active learning environments. Accessible and clear, without oversimplification, the book facilitates interdisciplinary education, providing a common core of knowledge applicable in many fields, including medicine, nursing, psychology, and social work.

Olle Jane Z. Sahler