By Jean Pierre Wenger

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Specialists have placed ivermectin on the drug podium, along with penicillin and aspirin. Its discoverers and developers received a Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2015, and until 2020 there seemed to be a worldwide consensus about the benefits of this naturally-occurring component. More than 300 million people from the world's poorest countries take ivermectin annually, either as a treatment or as a prophylaxis. The outbreak of Covid-19 put ivermectin in the headlines all over the world. Thousands of doctors in different countries claim that its use (sometimes combined with vitamins and other drugs) is an effective early treatment against the coronavirus and dozens of clinical trials carried out support this position. What would happen if we found that Ivermectin is an effective treatment or preventive method against Covid-19 and that it was rejected to favor the massive vaccination?

Jean Pierre Wenger