A woman

A woman


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What is a woman? Absurd and controversial question. So where to start? Why not start with a question? Or even by several? Me, woman – us, women? Having always been a defender of free thought, I therefore suggest that you do an exercise. Rather than read my pre-chewed opinion! Are you trying to be romantic with a woman? Why do women dream of marriage and babies as soon as things go well with a man? Why do women have so many things in their purses? Why do women criticize their girlfriends when they spend their lives together? Why do women have so many clothes and complain about having nothing to wear? Why do women talk so much? above all, why do women have so many shoes? Should women have exclusive spaces and resources? One day, will we stop wanting to “find ourselves beautiful”, even for ourselves? It's up to you to find out… Can we see ourselves according to other criteria?