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Finding your childhood sweetheart: good or bad? When the love of youth turns a peaceful life upside down! The love of youth, it passes or it breaks? After the breakup, then the period of disenchantment, then the stage of acceptance and the days, months, even years of reconstruction and necessary for oblivion, you continue on your merry way and start your life over. And without warning, he or she reappears, when everything seems so perfect in your daily life... Your childhood sweetheart ! What to do ? Why are we so drawn to our first love? Why is it so striking? What does he have more than the others? How to successfully zap it! “What if I want to reconnect with my childhood sweetheart? "Is it good to reconnect with an ex?" » What is the secret of strong couples? Why do men always want to make love? But, why does this happen? He always wants to make love! Why do women still experience less pleasure than men? How do you maintain the balance between your relationship as a couple and your life? It's up to you to find out... Your childhood sweetheart ! What to do ? We will help you...!