An Intention

An Intention


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What are your intentions to understand your partner? Are you sure you understand a man or a woman in your love relationship? Isn't it nice for you, ladies, to have an interesting conversation with a man and thus make life more precious, more lively? Wouldn't you like to understand a man or a woman with whom you are in a loving relationship, or with whom you would like to be in a relationship? Is it possible that your choice of attitude as well as your choice of intention are the causes? And now, what are your feelings that initiate these future intentions? Is it love or fear ? How to interest a man in your intentions? What does it mean to understand, to learn, to know? Now you ? If you are attentive and receptive, then I would like to show you a new point of view that could lead you to perceive a completely different observation and reflection concerning your relationship with a man. But if you are closed off and convinced that you know men, then why go on and conform to what you already know? It's your freedom of choice.