Parenting Through Divorce

Parenting Through Divorce

By Hope Etim

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The cost of caring for children continues to climb, which makes it even more difficult for divorced parents. Each of them is attempting to maintain their own household. At the same time, they frequently strive to split the cost of their children's costs. Both medical and dental coverage for the children should be provided by one of the parents. This could be a result of a court order or a mutual arrangement between the parents. Your children require regular checkups at both the doctor's office and the dentist's office. The out-of-pocket expense of this form of preventative care is extremely significant. If one of your children has an emergency in either location, you may be stuck with a large expense for a long period. Both parents are responsible for paying for the care that their children require. Make a plan of action so that it does not become an issue in the future. For instance, if one of you pays the insurance premium, the other parent should cover the co-pays and deductibles. Before proceeding, discuss the care that will be required so that both parents are on board. When a divorce occurs, another expense that can pile up is child care. Perhaps one of the parents was the primary caregiver, and now both are employed. Together, the parents should choose a childcare provider. It could be a nanny, a licensed institution, or even a family member. However, the cost of daycare should be a distant second to the quality of care provided to your children. There will undoubtedly be additional costs for your children. Who will foot the bill for school uniforms and supplies? Many parents who pay child support believe that their monthly payment is sufficient to cover such expenses. However, it may be sufficient to provide food and shelter to the family. You don't want your children to be hungry because of a lack of funds. Many children like participating in extracurricular activities. Sports, dance, and clubs are all possibilities. There will be costs associated with fees, special attire and footwear required, and even enrollment fees. Parents must be willing to share such costs in order for their children to participate in such activities.

Hope Etim