Italian Breakfast Recipes Cookbook

Italian Breakfast Recipes Cookbook

By Nom Nom World Publishing

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Italian breakfast foods might not be what you expect; in contrast to the savory foods that Americans are accustomed to, in Italy, a heavy preference is given to sweets. This is not to say that savory meals are non-existant, but it can be refreshing to start your morning by satisfying your sweet tooth. But if you want the savory style foods, you'll love this book. Always wanted to try Italian style Mediterranean meals such as : Mascarpone Mushroom Frittata Stack Italian Apricot Pancetta Strata Breakfast Bread Bowls And more! Pick up your easy to start guide now. P.S- this book does not contain images/pictures of the finished meals, as it's merely meant to inspire your creativity.

Nom Nom World Publishing

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  • December 26, 2021
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