Develop and Operate Your LoRaWAN IoT Nodes

Develop and Operate Your LoRaWAN IoT Nodes

By Claus Kühnel

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LoRaWAN has developed excellently as a communication solution in the IoT. The Things Network (TTN) has contributed to this. The Things Network was upgraded to The Things Stack Community Edition (TTS (CE)). The TTN V2 clusters were closed towards the end of 2021. In this book, I will show you the necessary steps to operate LoRaWAN nodes using TTS (CE) and maybe extend the network of gateways with an own gateway. Meanwhile, there are even LoRaWAN gateways suitable for mobile use with which you can connect to the TTN server via your cell phone. I present several commercial LoRaWAN nodes and new, low-cost and battery-powered hardware for building autonomous LoRaWAN nodes. Registering LoRaWAN nodes and gateways in the TTS (CE), providing the collected data via MQTT and visualization via Node-RED, Cayenne, Thingspeak, and Datacake enable complex IoT projects and completely new applications at very low cost. This book will enable you to provide and visualize data collected with battery-powered sensors (LoRaWAN nodes) wirelessly on the Internet. You will learn the basics for smart city and IoT applications that enable, for example, the measurement of air quality, water levels, snow depths, the determination of free parking spaces (smart parking), and the intelligent control of street lighting (smart lighting), among others.

Claus Kühnel