The First Men in the Moon (Illustrated Edition)

The First Men in the Moon (Illustrated Edition)

By H. G. Wells

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The First Men in the Moon is a scientific story by H. G. Wells, published in hardcover in 1901. The novel tells the story of two protagonists: a businessman narrator, Mr. Bedford, and an eccentric scientist, Mr. Cavor, who undertake a journey to the Moon. Upon reaching the Moon, Bedford and Cavor discover that the Moon is inhabited by a sophisticated extraterrestrial civilization of insect-like creatures they call "Selenites." They get into a range of exciting adventures ending in establishing radio contact between the Earth and the Moon. This story is fascinating as it describes a spacecraft and a feeling of weightlessness long before the actual construction of the first spaceship and experiencing the absence of gravity in the open space. Also, H.G. Wells mentions the radio experiences of Nicolas Tesla and other scientists, which become personages of this story. It is a renowned classic of science fiction worth attention.

H. G. Wells