The Yoga and Chakras of Business

The Yoga and Chakras of Business

By Germán Puentes

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The Yoga and Chakras of Business (YCB) provides a holistic and comprehensive view to streamline businesses and organizations through yoga and chakras knowledge. It is postulated that in every business or organization, the chakras that exist in each human being are manifested. As a result, a business will achieve its greatest success and development when considering, developing and aligning the energies related to all chakras. This view is based on concepts of yoga philosophy and the chakras, which understand that people are composed of different planes or dimensions that must be worked and balanced to achieve their development. The Yoga and Chakras of Business: Explains the core elements of yoga and chakras philosophy, Goes through each chakra, highlighting their main properties and functions, Analyses how each chakra may manifest at the business level, presenting the main characteristics and functions associated with each one inside an organization, as well as delivering cases that may be related to a (good or bad) functioning business, Explains the steps to map, open and connect business chakras, with the aim of improving business performance and development.

Germán Puentes