Make Him Regret Why He Dumped You

Make Him Regret Why He Dumped You

By Addison Jessie

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If You Can Make Him Regret Walking Away, You Can Make Him Crawl Back to You Even on Broken Glass Nothing sucks more than an unexpected break-up, as it takes us completely by surprise. It shocks us, triggers our separation anxiety and fears, and ruins our self-esteem. When a guy dumps you unexpectedly, your first thoughts are that you must beg and plead for another chance and convince him that you are worthy of his love. You think you must correct your mistakes and prove your worth because you strongly believe that the problem is in something you recently said or did. But begging a guy to take you back hardly works. If he came back to you on that ground, he may have done so out of pity and not love. This may make him treat you like trash in that relationship. When it comes to making an ex-boyfriend or husband regret why he broke up with you and have him come back to you, there are ways to go about it without appearing desperate or needy. Begging a guy to take you back after a break-up expresses neediness. This hardly yields any lasting result. You cannot afford to make a guy feel that you want him back more than he wants you back. That is the highway that usually leads to an abusive relationship. Trust me, you don’t want that… BUT HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS… The super-effective attraction techniques outlined in this book are not only capable of making your ex fall lavishly in love with you all over again, but will also make him become loyal and committed to you for life. The good thing is that you don’t have to beg him or act needy or desperate to make this happen. In this book, you will discover: How you can cope with the pain of a broken relationship How to make your ex miss you How to make your ex regret breaking up with you How to make yourself attractive to your ex and other guys How to get your ex’s attention by the use of mind game techniques How to make your ex jealous How to drive your ex crazy using the power of social media How to make your ex contact you How to make your ex come back to you And so much more… Get this book now and make that guy crawl back to you within a few days...

Addison Jessie