The Race of a Lifetime

The Race of a Lifetime

By Kat-chan

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This manga was produced thanks to the support of France’s Paralympic Sports Committee and in collaboration with the athlete Renauc Clerc (athletics). “The French Paralympic and Sports Committee (CPSF) leads France’s Paralympic team to the Games. Paralympic manga are a unique opportunity to discover and learn more about sports that are still mostly unknown. And, through an original medium, linking the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games with those of Paris 2024, along with all Paralympic athletes.” Marie-Amélie Le Fur (President of the French Paralympic and Sports Committee) Between friendship, jealousy, competition and handicap, relationships are built and torn between athletes until they reach the Paralympic dream. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Kathleen Bausset graduated from AAA-Ecole de Manga, the first manga school in France. She publishes, under the name Kat-chan, online: In collaboration with Renaud Clerc : passionate about sports, and French champion at the age of 18, he is defined by four words: resilience, effort, sharing and hard work. A law student, this disabled athlete keeps his eyes forward. At the end of the race, perhaps a medal at the Paralympic Games? And, without a doubt, the beginning of new challenges. 


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  • December 27, 2020
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