Jim Hanvey, Detective

Jim Hanvey, Detective

By Ernest Haycox

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Jim Hanvey is not a typical private detective. He is overweight, he waddles around, he blinks like some sort of fish, he plays with a gold toothpick that he wears on a chain around his waist. But what he has is a great memory for faces, a sharp mind, and a sense of fair play that makes him very well respected and feared by the higher level of criminals. Once he enters the story, we see the swindle begin to unravel – sometimes because of Hanvey, sometimes because the mere presence of Hanvey upsets the criminal to such an extent that he does himself in. Table of Contents: Fish Eyes Homespun Silk Common Stock Helen of Troy Caveat Emptor The Knight's Gambit Pink Bait

Ernest Haycox