By Twané

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This manga was created in collaboration with Professor Philippe Moati (University of Paris/ ObSoCo). Kravin is the guinea pig of a new technology aiming at implanting a chip in the brain to broadcast advertisements during his sleep. He gets caught in a frantic race for loyalty points. Spend more to earn more, and own, own more, own more... But even before becoming old, the new becomes obsolete, and the pleasure does not last. Could the source of happiness be found elsewhere? ABOUT THE AUTHORCherishing the art of manga and anime from a young age, Jordan Toiné only had one thing in his mind when he finished high school: become a mangaka! With support from his family, he decided to leave Martinique, where he grew up, to attend AAA - École de Manga, a Paris-based manga school. Freshly graduated and driven by an even greater love for his art, he put all his energy and passion in Ephemeral , his first volume published under the pseudonym Twané .In this first publication, he invites us to reflect on the state of society, which, by dint of persuasion, leads us to think that happiness lies in acquisition of the latest technologies, and to buy more and more... 


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  • December 27, 2020
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