The Comprehensive Guide to Brewing

The Comprehensive Guide to Brewing

By Petr Basar, Gabriela Basarová, Pavlína Basarová, Tomás Lejsek, Jan Savel

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The Czech Republic is one of the motherlands of beer culture – beers of the pilsner brewing tradition and the aromatic Saaz hops are famous the world over. Brewing technicians and scientists from the Czech Republic have an excellent reputation and are constantly seeking an exchange and discussion of their research findings on the international scene. And the team of authors around Professor Basa?ová are all experienced technicians and scientists with a wealth of international experience. "The Comprehensive Guide to Brewing" is a unique groundwork for brewing technicians which deals with all subject areas, from the raw materials to packaging. It also conveys advanced knowledge of the fundamentals of brewing research. Compulsory reading for anyone who wishes to gain in-depth knowledge of brewing technology.

Jan Savel

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  • December 29, 2019
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