The Big Book of Welding for Beginners

The Big Book of Welding for Beginners

By Luke Wade

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Are you fascinated with the making of metallic designs? Are you interested in learning the craft of cutting, shaping, and joining metals together through welds? If so, then read on… The Big Book of Welding for Beginners exposes you to the intricacies of welding, focusing on training you to become a welder in no time. Why Welding? Welding is a highly lucrative field, although it can be hectic. It majorly requires problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, and patience. Welding is much larger in concept than just the joining of metals together. It also involves repairs and the building of aesthetics. Anyone with these skills can be an expert in welding, irrespective of experience, sex, or background. Some people say that it is the strong that can weld. Thats a myth; welding doesnt require any assertion of energy, it basically involves the skill to technically apply your tools to provide you the appropriate heat you need to weld metal(s) together to become a useful piece, and that is what this beginners guide seeks to help you achieve. In this book, you will learn; The concept of welding, what it entails, and its history  How to make money from welding Terminologies used in welding Tips and tricks welders often adopt for a seamless welding experience The tools and materials used in welding How you can set up your welding workspace in your backyard The possible welding hazards and safety precautions to follow to remain safe while welding in the workspace The common welding techniques and how they work Educated on the steps to build and weld 11 different metallic designs as a beginner The common mistakes welders make and how to avoid them. And so much more! What more? This book will surely guide you on your journey to making a great career in welding and becoming an expert welder. Feed your passion and get a copy of this book RIGHT NOW

Luke Wade

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  • December 27, 2020
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