Handbook for Designing Cement Plants

Handbook for Designing Cement Plants

By Deolalkar S. P.

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The first Edition of the book came out in 2008. It covered all aspects of Designing Cement Plants- mainly Dry Process Cement Plants with 6 stage Preheaters and Calciners, Vertical Mills, Electro Static Precipitators and various auxiliary machineries as were prevalent then. The base size for various workouts was 3000 TPD as was prevalent then.       It has begun to dawn on Cement Industry that it was responsible for emitting 5 % of the most common greenhouse gas – CO2. Cement Industry and Cement Plant and Process Designers began to apply their minds to make - GREEN Cement. - which emitted greenhouse gas in much less quantities by making blended cements, using alternate fuels and by recovering waste heat. Mr. Deolalkars book Designing Green Cement Plants dealing with these aspects came out in 2013.       Cement Industry was also growing in size simultaneously and the base size of 3000 TPD has been replaced by cement plants of + 10000 TPD or + 3mtpa capacity cement plants, requiring sea changes in machinery used therein. This Second Edition of the Handbook includes all aspects of the basic concepts dealt with in the Handbook but also includes aspects of making green cement. The base capacity is now 10000 TPD. Therefore it has been named Handbook for Designing Green Cement Plants. This book will also be found to be very useful to the Cement Industry. Authors two books mentioned above have been included in the top 20 books related to Cement Industry in the World. Contents: Section - 1  Basics Section - 2  Machinery Used in Making cement Section - 3  Technoeconomic Feasibility Studies Section - 4  Civil Design and Construction Section - 5  Electricals and Instrumentation Section - 6  Layouts and Detailed Engineering Section - 7  Selecting and Ordering Machinery Section - 8  Sustainable Development Section - 9  Web Pages Section 10 –  Sources Section 11 -  Recommended Reading About the Author: Mr. Deolalkar  is a first class graduate in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. He is also Associate Member of British Institute of Management. He joined the Cement Industry in 1956 and has been associated with it for more than six decades. He has had firsthand experience in cement plants in erection, operation and commissioning in ACC. Mr. Deolalkar then worked for 23 years in AVB -ACCs division of making cement machinery.            He has been associated with designing cement plants ranging from 300 to 3000 TPD capacities and including the latest in process and machinery on the way. The first indigenously designed cement plant of 3000 TPD capacity containing, 5 stage preheaterfluid bed calciner, vertical mills for raw materials and coal, esps for kiln, coal mill and clinker cooler was designed under his leadership. Since 1987, Mr. Deolalkar has been working as Consultant from Hyderabad. He helped a great many mini cement plants with rotary kiln to increase their capacities by adding a second stream of preheater, calciner, and grate cooler.            Mr. Deolalkar was associated with National Institutes related to cement industry like National Council for Cement and Building Materials, Cement Research Institute, National Committee for Science and Technology, Bureau of Indian Standards and others. He also served as Secretary of Cement Machinery Manufacturers Association for some time.

Deolalkar S. P.