How to Break-Up With Someone Without Breaking Their Heart

How to Break-Up With Someone Without Breaking Their Heart

By Pierce Nick Norris

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Its not all relationship that is meant to last forever. Sometimes, what begins with a great friendship or a productive partnership turns toxic or unhealthy or one-sided - and the best thing to do for both parties is to put an end to it. One of the most difficult decisions you could ever make in life is deciding to break up with someone you love. You have to deal with your emotions first because it is never easy to let go of a relationship you have developed plenty of affection for. Not to talk of the emotional attachments. You also have to worry about your partners feelings. How would your partner handle the breakup? The love you once had for your partner is gone, the memories are not enough to keep you together, and you have reached the final bus stop. You have to break off the relationship. You are going to break their heart with this news. Breaking up with someone is never an easy decision to make; there are many doubts and second-guessing. This book is full of useful information on how you can end a relationship without any drama or guilt without hurting your partner. It will give you a detailed guide on how to: - Be Sure You Truly Want To Break Up. - Stand Your Ground Through The Breakup Process. - Avoid Drama And Guilt WHile Breaking Up. - Amicably Break Off Short or Long Term Relationship - Avoid Trapping Yourself In The "Lets Still Be Friends" Ditch. - Choose The Right Time And Place To Tell Your Partner Its Over. - And Lots More....

Pierce Nick Norris

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  • December 27, 2020
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