Raise Your Kids Like This and Make Them Champs For Life

Raise Your Kids Like This and Make Them Champs For Life

By Jessie Addison

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There is no doubt that a child who is not properly raised by his parents will bring shame to his or her home. Raising well behaved and cultured kids in todays world is becoming increasingly difficult. This is why it is now very hard to find a sixteen years old virgin. Despite the fact that parents today are not measuring up to the standard with which parents of the past generation raised their kids, the biggest problem of raising well cultured kids today is hinged on how we deal with the external influences of the society that negate our effort of inculcating discipline and good morals into our children. These external factors include, peer pressure, drugs and alcohol, negative band-wagon influence promoted by TV and social media. It is now a normal thing for young girls to dress almost naked while walking on the street. Its also now very common to see 15, 16 years old girls dropping out of school as a result of unwanted pregnancy. Drug abuse among teenagers is fast becoming the order of the day. Well, this is the world we and our kids now have to live in. But I have got some cheering news for you… In this book I have carefully outlined some very effective parenting techniques and principles that will help you raise your kids the right way. This book will teach you how you can inculcate discipline and good morals into your kids, which will in turn make them grow up to become well cultured and responsible adults. Get this book, apply the parenting principles it contains and trust me, your kids will stand out with an excellent character anywhere they go…

Jessie Addison