Make Your Man Propose to You in Two Weeks

Make Your Man Propose to You in Two Weeks

By Jessie Addison

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You and this guy have been seeing each other at least once every week for some months now. You both seemed to have this strong affection for each other. You melt down each time you see his eyes and he holds you so close to his heart each time you both meet as though his life depends on it. The love between the two of you seemed to be so strong that everyone in the neighbourhood could perceive it. But deep down in your heart you know within yourself that you have no idea where things really stand. You really dont know him that much. You dont even know any of his siblings. Never has he ever introduced you to anyone as his girlfriend. You really love him and you would really love to spend the rest of your life with him as his wife. But you are not really sure if your relationship is that important to him for him to take it to the next level. He doesnt even want to talk about it. If this has been your story, then you have come to the right place for solution. It is about to change for good. Not all relationships are the same. It is understood however, that some guys are kind of scared to commit to a girl because of economic reasons. They probably might be thinking of how to raise money for the financial responsibility that comes with it. This book contains some powerful tips that will help you make him transform your so to say casual relationship into something more serious. Lets get it started This book provides effective solutions on the following topics: How to Make Your Man Propose to You. How to Make Him Put All His Eggs in Your Basket. How to Set Things in Motion in Your Relationship. Signs That Shows He is in Love with You. How to Dress when Going on a Date with Him. How to Act when on a Date with Him. How to Respond if You Find out He Is Cheating on You. Indicators to Look out for if He is Pulling Away. How to Respond if He Starts Pulling Away. And lots more...

Jessie Addison