Household Electricity and Appliances

Household Electricity and Appliances


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Most households all over the world take electricityfor granted: one flick of a switch on and a room is illuminated or a fan starts running or hot water begins to flow from a geyser. In reality, the entire process of generation of electricity in power plants and its journey to houses or wherever else at the point of use, is quite complicated, involving various stages. It is important for all usersto know some aspects of electricity for its safe and cost-effective usage. Likewise, it would be very desirable to have some idea of working of commonly used electrical gadgets in a typical household for their proper use over years. The present book, based on decades of experience of the author as a professional electrical engineer, describesall aspects of electricity into a house, including its safe use, and working of a multitude of electrical appliances, from simple illumination devices, fans, ACs, geysers to gadgets in kitchens such as a mixie, oven and induction stove, that would ideally need some knowledge of their working for their efficient and trouble-free operation. An important feature of the book is the detailed discussion concerning renewal sources of electricity generation, esp. electricity from the Sun and how this is going to be THE energy of future in a matter of a few decades. Contents: PART - A ELECTRICITY – General, What it is and where does it come from, PART - B Know Your Appliances, Inside the House: General, Inside Kitchen, ... And as a Matter of Interest . . . 10must-have gadgets for your kitchen, Inside Bathroom, ... Some Added Information on Thermostats and Timers,Miscellaneous, PART C - Entertainment Electronics, PART D - Electrical Energy for the Future, Electricity to the Earth in Future, Concluding Remarks