The Gastric Sleeve Meal Prep Cookbook: 107 Quick And Easy Bariatric Recipes To Make Ahead

The Gastric Sleeve Meal Prep Cookbook: 107 Quick And Easy Bariatric Recipes To Make Ahead

By Maggie Piper

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Meal Prep Quick, Wholesome And Flavorful Meals Ahead Of Time For Healthy Post-Surgery Dieting Congrats on a successful surgery to building your dream body. The first few weeks and months are the beginning of an amazing journey to life-long success and this book has all it takes to get you there! From liquid diets to pureed diet, soft foods and solid meals, there are a variety of tasty meals for every recovery stage, inspiring and thoughtful information on eating as well as meal prepping tips to guide you to a successful recovery. So prepare your body and mind for a great start! Meal prepping will take you far, because after your surgery, with your stomach the size of an egg, you’ll eat less.  This is where portion control and servings come in. The Gastric Sleeve Meal Prep Cookbook offers the support structure that you need in terms of dieting right at every stage of recovery and helping you prep meals. You will enjoy fixing healthy and delicious foods that’s good for you in no time. With lots of plenty ready-to-go meals to eat as planned all week long. There are over 107 simple, healthy, recipes that covers every stage with nutritional facts that include protein, carb, and fat as well as calorie counts. Filled with recipes, ideas and tips for a successful weight loss surgery, The Gastric Sleeve Meal Prep Cookbook  also includes foods to eat, foods to avoid and small changes that you can easily implement with practical tools for prompt action.  The book includes:  •A variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner gastric sleeve recipes •A variety of soups, desserts and smoothie recipes  You will also learn how to:  •Portion and store your meals •Refrigerate and freeze meals •Thaw and reheat every meal •And much much more… Whether you are considering a weight loss surgery or have undergone one, you can have that new healthier body to be proud of!  Why wait!  Scroll up and get your copy!  

Maggie Piper