The Anatomist

The Anatomist

By Esa Parr

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Venice, 1549 — the height of the Renaissance in Italy, a time of incredible advancement in the arts, technology and science. Giorgio is an anatomist, passionate about studying the human body and advancing the field of medicine. For this, he's willing to take steps as drastic as necessary, and doesn't hesitate to experiment even on living people. In the name of science, he makes the beautiful Belfore his guinea pig, keeping him around as a subject and a lover. But having studied Belfore for years, Giorgio's ability to gain new knowledge from him plateaus. That's when he meets the angelic, strikingly gorgeous Harlow during Carnival. Harlow's unique physiology as an intersex individual sparks new interest for Giorgio's research. However, he did not expect the delicate feelings that Harlow seems to be developing for Belfore...

Esa Parr