When the Sea Gives Up Its Dead

When the Sea Gives Up Its Dead

By Elizabeth Burgoyne Corbett

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Annie Cory is a woman in love but also a feisty detective on a mission to solve a peculiar case involving—diamond, murder and of course villains! Excerpt: "Confound that upset! I shall be two minutes behind time—I wish I had walked all the way, instead of trusting to the supposed extra speed of a 'bus, when the streets are so slippery that horses cannot keep their feet." Thus soliloquised Harley Riddell, ruefully, as he hurriedly picked his way through the somewhat aggressive conglomeration of wagons, hansoms, 'buses and fourwheelers, which threatened to still further belate his arrival at the establishment of his employers, Messrs. Stavanger, Stavanger and Co., diamond merchants, of Hatton Garden..."

Elizabeth Burgoyne Corbett

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  • December 29, 2019
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