Lorredian Discipline

Lorredian Discipline

By Giuseppe Manna

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Greetings to you readers who respectfully immerse yourselves in this novel as it narrates your earthly life, because of our individual instructions, chosen from our varied family teachings. Lorredian Discipline with its real reflections of our Age, and thanks to a parallel unconscious of the soul, creates a new entity; giving shape to an innovative path of dialogue evaluated by the faith - the prayer - ideas - love - and dreams. A novel elaborated with the collaboration of yours and my creativity, guided by the understanding of various concepts, revised by the Discipline of a fanciful story. Lorredian Discipline also seeks to revive and sustain our peace and quiet by healing the anxieties and human illusionistic depressions of today.

Giuseppe Manna

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  • December 29, 2019
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