How to Prevent Identity Theft

How to Prevent Identity Theft

By Quincy Lesley Darren

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If you have a name, a date of birth, and a Social Security Number, youre a potential victim of Identity Theft! Plenty of people store and freely share their personal information. This information is part of a persons identity that an identity thief can find and steal without the owner knowing. How To Prevent Identity Theft explores how people can avoid being a victim of an identity theft. This book explains how identity theft, data breaches, and fraud occur, and how to protect oneself against these threats The information you will discover in this book will help you recognize your risk and to defend yourself against identity thieves. You will also discover the different methods of identity theft that include information on ways to protect yourself, determine if you have been victimized, and what to do if it happens. This book is your answer to giving yourself the peace of mind you have always wanted.

Quincy Lesley Darren