The Anger Management Handbook

The Anger Management Handbook

By Quincy Lesley Darren

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Plenty of people with intellectual abilities have difficulties managing their anger. The stigma of anger is much like that of drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or other "socially unacceptable" life traits. It is not something that we talk about or accept. This book is specially written for someone like you who is looking for answers on how to deal with your anger, frustration, and temper to avoid societal ridicule. This book will guide anyone on the easy steps on how to effectively tame their anger to become a better, happier person. Dont waste time. Learn this today! This book contains the proven steps and strategies that you need. This Anger Management Handbook offers a host of practical, proven techniques for understanding why you get angry and how you can effectively deal with your anger in a very constructively way. If you ever want to be free from the shackles of these destructive emotions, then you have to get this book and make sure you read.

Quincy Lesley Darren