African Mythology

African Mythology

By James Rooks

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The following topics are included in this 2-book combo: Book 1: The African people hide secret treasures of wisdom and spiritual insights. In this guide, you will become more familiar with some of the most common gods and goddesses in African tribal worship. Moreover, you will read or listen to some interesting stories that were told from one generation to the next. Some of these myths may inspire you, others might confuse you, but in a general sense, it is useful and fascinating to learn more about them. Book 2: The extensive history of Africa provides us with a topic of curiosity and novelty. For this reason, this guide has been composed to help you understand some of the cultural anecdotes as well as the religious and traditional tales that have been told to previous generations. When we dive into some background information, you will have a better grasp of the context of the four intense stories that follow. Enjoy this short, simple yet profound compilation of African myths.

James Rooks

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