A Textbook of Pharmacy Practice

A Textbook of Pharmacy Practice

By Prof. S. Balasubramanian

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The book ‘Pharmacy Practice’ in your hand is the culmination of the long experience of the author as a practicing pharmacist as well as the pharmacy teacher. It is written in accordance with the new syllabus framed by the Pharmacy Council of India for the semester pattern of the undergraduate course in pharmacy. A student who wishes to practice as a hospital or community pharmacist should acquire working knowledge by mastering the subject matters of the book. All the fundamental requirements for the same are described in relevant chapters. Illustrations and examples are given wherever necessary. The pharmacy practice of the modern world has changed from product-oriented to patient-oriented long back in developed countries. India is yet to pick-up the concept. Nevertheless, it is on the horizon after the introduction of the 6-year Pharm.D course in India for whom also this book will be useful to a certain extent. 

Prof. S. Balasubramanian