Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry

By Dr. V. Alagarsamy

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Pharmaceutical organic chemistry is the main branch of organic chemistry deals with the study of preparation, structure and reactions of organic compounds. As it deals with all the chemical reactions related to life, study of Pharmaceutical organic chemistry is important. Application of Organic chemistry in the development of pharmaceuticals, resulted in evolving Pharmaceutical organic chemistry. Hence studying Organic chemistry and applying this knowledge in Pharmaceutical substances is called as Pharmaceutical organic chemistry. Organic chemistry forms the basis of biochemistry, in which various aspects of health and diseases are studied. The biochemical knowledge is very important for the practice of nutritional, medical and related life sciences. In addition Organic chemistry paved way for the development of medicinal chemistry, Pharmaceutical organic chemistry, bioinformatics, biotechnology, gene therapy, Pharmacology, pathology, chemical engineering, dental science and so on. Organic substances play such a vital role in our daily life that all of us should know about organic chemistry in order to understand the manner how it influence our life process.

Dr. V. Alagarsamy