Love, Marriage, &  Family...

Love, Marriage, & Family...

By Joseph R. Griffin

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Many people still appreciate the importance of sound knowledge for marital success. This attitude is not new. In earlier times people need special training in many areas where we now know that it is essential. The village blacksmith once was the dentist. He didnt need any special training. All he needed was what he already had strength and forceps. The barber was the surgeon. The idea that anyone needed anything except "experience" and a few "tips" to be a farmer would have seemed ridiculous. Today we know better. The doctor who treats your teeth, the pharmacist who makes up your prescriptions, even the beautician who styles your hair-all must be trained and pass the examination before they are granted a license. Marriage is also a serious vocation, which requires trained competence for success. If you need specialized training in order to raise corn and hogs successfully, think how much more you should know in order to be successful parents! A divorce court judge sees every day that good intentions are not enough! There must be technical, scientific knowledge. Such scientific understanding is especially important and difficult regarding the whole matter of love. Through the years in our culture, there has evolved a whole system of beliefs about love. Some contain much truth. Others are partly true. Some of those held most strongly are basically false. One reason why marriage fails is our inability to tell the difference between the fictions and the facts of love. Love, Marriage, & Family ...  offers instruction on how to have a successful marriage life, and essential reading for anyone who wants to know God and love more deeply in this life.

Joseph R. Griffin