Rapid Ex Back

Rapid Ex Back

By Saintkenz

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 Rapid Ex Back, was designed to provide you with an understanding of why and how couples everyday rekindle their love.  You’ll learn: A)    Meaning of a breakup B)    Breakup a cry for help C)    The sub-conscious attraction still exists A)   Meaning of a Breakup A breakup signifies a rejection.  However, it’s not the type of rejection most people think.  Our misinterpretation of a “breakup rejection” often lowers our self-confidence making our ego feel bruised and battered. When someone breaks up with us we incorrectly assume that we were the ones being rejected.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  A breakup is not a rejection of YOU, but a rejection of how the two of you INTERACTED with each other in your relationship.   If a breakup signified a personal rejection, nobody would ever get back together; however, every day hundreds of couples rekindle their love.  This happens because they resolve their INTERACTION ISSUES.  They simply got better at communicating and respecting each others need. The same holds true if the breakup was caused, because one partner cheated. Our misinterpretation of a "breakup rejection" leads us to miscalculate our actual chance of getting back together with our ex.  The fact is, most relationships can be rekindled if we just took a little time to learn a few key facts about why people break up. All relationships experience interaction gridlock, some more often than others.  What determines success from failure is your ability to learn from each gridlock and adjust to each others need. 2) First Step to Get My EX Back The First Step to Get My Ex Back can easily be implemented.  You must stop all the destructive behaviors that drive your ex away. You’ll learn: A)    Most Destructive Action B)    How to Close the Open Wound C)    8 Destructive Behaviors to Avoid A)   MOST DESTRUCTIVE ACTION A break up can come as a surprise or something you expected.  It can be short and sweet or evolve into a long drawn out affair.  Regardless of the situation when the person we love, wants out of our life, we feel rejected. However, our ego does not handle rejection well.  It will immediately try to restore the lost self-confidence. The most common way people deal with a “breakup rejection" is to find another partner for a one night stand.  In fact, it’s so common we call it, "rebound".  A "rebound" partner temporarily restores our feeling of acceptance, which we lost when our ex broke up. However, being with another partner shortly after a breakup only complicates an already difficult situation.  This is especially true if all you really want is your ex back. Sometimes our emotional need, to restore what we lost, gets so overwhelming that our actions become counter-intuitive to our goal.  We can literally crush all our chances of getting our ex back because of the way we behave.