how to find true and everlasting love

how to find true and everlasting love

By kelechi ogbonna

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We all dream of eternal love. A love story that will last a long time. Confidence and the feeling of being in love remain fresh for several years. But few people can do it; Some do not even know if they have reached it. So lets celebrate love and look at the meaning of eternal love, some of the best songs and some heartbreaking quotes. Love is only love. It means nothing to expect anything for it. This should make others feel comfortable, happy and stable no matter what. Love is about never apologizing. The film industry has provided us with some of the greatest love movies of our time, including The Notebook, P.S.I Love You and others. In the movies, they talk about true or eternal love for each other, but how do you know if you are in "true" love? You will find eternal love in this book Kelechi Ogbonna

kelechi ogbonna