The Story of Wake Island

The Story of Wake Island

By James P. S. Devereux

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This book is written by an American fighting man... It reveals no secrets as to what really went on ?at the highest levels? ? indeed, Colonel Devereux makes it entirely clear that he never had the faintest idea of what was happening at the highest levels. All he knew was that he was in command of the garrison on Wake Island when war broke out in the Pacific, and that he was to hold this island for as long as was humanly possible. He did so. His story of this memorable fight is enormously exciting and stimulating and important. In the first two weeks of American participation in the Second World War, many people were extremely uncertain of our ability to fight against the known and (up to then) all-conquering power of the Nazis and the surprising power suddenly revealed by the Japanese.

James P. S. Devereux