The Balkans

The Balkans

By Arnold Toynbee

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Mediaeval history, whether of the East or the West, is mostly a record of bloodshedding and cruelty; and the Middle Age has been prolonged to our own time in most parts of the Balkans, and is not yet over in some parts. There are certain things salutary to bear in mind when we think or speak of any part of that country today. Contents: BULGARIA. The Arrival of the Bulgars in the Balkan Peninsula, 600–700 The Early Years of Bulgaria and the Introduction of Christianity, 700–893 The Rise and Fall of the First Bulgarian Empire, 893–972 The Rise and Fall of 'Western Bulgaria' and the Greek Supremacy, 963–1186 The Rise and Fall of the Second Bulgarian Empire, 1186–1258 The Serbian Supremacy and the Final Collapse, 1258–1393 The Turkish Dominion and the Emancipation, 1393–1878 The Aftermath, and Prince Alexander of Battenberg, 1878–86 The Regeneration under Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg, 1886–1908 The Kingdom, 1908–13 SERBIA. The Serbs under Foreign Supremacy, 650–1168 The Rise and Fall of the Serbian Empire and the Extinction of Serbian Independence, 1168–1496 The Turkish Dominion, 1496–1796 The Liberation of Serbia under Kara-George (1804–13) and Milos Obrenovic (1815–30): 1796–1830 The Throes of Regeneration: Independent Serbia, 1830–1903 Serbia, Montenegro, and the Serbo-Croats in Austria-Hungary, 1903–8 Serbia and Montenegro, and the two Balkan Wars, 1908–13 GREECE. By ARNOLD J. TOYNBEE. From Ancient to Modern Greece The Awakening of the Nation The Consolidation of the State RUMANIA: HER HISTORY AND POLITICS. By D. MITRANY Introduction Formation of the Rumanian Nation The Foundation and Development of the Rumanian Principalities The Phanariote Rule Modern Period to 1866 Contemporary Period: Internal Development Contemporary Period: Foreign Affairs Rumania and the Present War TURKEY. By D. G. HOGARTH Origin of the Osmanlis Expansion of the Osmanli Kingdom Heritage and Expansion of the Byzantine Empire Shrinkage and Retreat Revival Relapse Revolution The Balkan War The Future

Arnold Toynbee

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