Signals, Systems and Communication

Signals, Systems and Communication

By B.P. Lathi

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The importance of signal analysis (frequency analysis of signals) in modern theory of linear systems and communication theory cannot be overstressed. The study of signals leads into the analysis of linear systems and frequency transform methods, on one hand, on the other hand, it leads directly into communication theory. This book presents a unified treatment of the analysis of linear systems (frequency - domain analysis of lumped and distributed system) and basic communication principles (modulation, de-modulation, correlation noise, information transmission). There are certain significant differences in the approach in this book from that generally used in other texts. The point of view here tends to be more physical than axiomatic. This textbook is primarily written for advanced under graduates who have had an elementary course in circuits or system analysis. An understanding of the book requires only a modest background in calculus and elementary circuits. Hence it can be an effective text for self-study by practicing engineers who are interested in the analysis of linear systems and communication theory. Features • Attempt is made to develop the significant results in signal analysis mathematically, and present intuitive and qualitative interpretations of such results. • Emphasized the physical appreciation of the concepts rather than mathematical manipulation. Contents 1. Linear Systems 2. The Exponential Signal in Linear Systems 3. Signal Representation by Discrete Exponentials The Fourier Series 4. Signals Representation by Continues Exponential : The Fourier Transform 5. Signal Representation by Generalized Exponential: The Bilateral Laplace Transform 6. Frequency Analysis of Linear Systems 7. The Natural Response and the Stability of Systems 8. Signals Flow Graphs 9. Systems with Distributed Parameters 10. The Convolution Integra 11. Introduction to Communication Systems 12. Signal Comparison Correlation 13. Noise 14. Introduction to Information Transmission 15. Appendix : Laplace Transform Pairs

B.P. Lathi